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    Holiday 2013 question

    Has anyone heard if the candlelight procession is going to be the expanded timeframe again this year?

    My daughter and I are AP holders who weren't able to make our annual holiday trip last year. NOT missing it this year, but we want to know how the expansion of the candlelight procession affected the parks. The only time I was there for it, I vowed "never again." Then came the announcement that it was going to expand from one weekend to 3 weeks. Sigh. Was it every day for 3 weeks? A total zoo with the roped-off Main Street, attractions closing, crowds, etc.? We've planned our trip, just want to know what to expect and hoe to plan around it if it's going to be that long again this year.

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    Re: Holiday 2013 question

    According to this thread, Candlelight will be performed on two nights this year, Dec 7 & Dec 8th.

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    Re: Holiday 2013 question

    I hope they dont charge for it as an extra event

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