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    surface parking on harbor

    What's the name of the parking lot on Harbor with shuttles where the strawberry fields were?

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    Re: surface parking on harbor

    Toy Story Parking Lot

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    Re: surface parking on harbor

    I learned the hard way after using the Mickey and Friends parking structure for years. And last year was introduced to the Toy Story parking lot, as I went to the DLR with someone else, who drove.

    So much nicer! Less rigmarole ... less time ... to get into the DLR.

    Many times I've gotten so frustrated with the waits for the trams ... Getting into the esplanade. And leaving at night - That I would just walk .. all the way.

    Not with the Toy Story lot. Shuttles are ready to go, on the spot! So much easier, so much nicer. The Mickey and Friends lot ... I'll never use it again! But as soon as a Third Gate arrives ... then, hopefully by then, there's a Pumbah Parking Structure, with an overhead walking ramp swooping right down into the east side of the esplanade, for quick and easy access into the two parks.
    Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.

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