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Ah the old pro-Toontown vs anti-Toontown arguement.
Or as it could more acurately be described as - People with Kids vs People without Kids.

Toontown should NOT be scrapped but should be refurbed.
When I was there in 2011 it was clear that it was a former shadow of itself even at a casual glance. I aslo made the mistake of choosing to go there on the hotest day of my visit...

But to put it in perspective for regular DL goers - imagine the standard of Toontown throughout the entire two parks..... and you have been magically transported to Disneyland Paris! Don't feel quite so bad now huh?
Hate to say it, false comparison - I have no kids and frequently spend time in Toonotown. I love the gags (when they're working) and have spent *HOURS* just playing with the water fountains alone. I've been the jerk after dark who told his (annoying and being very rude to other guests) friend to "stare into the camera lens - press the button, it'll be AWESOME!".

My single biggest wish is that they could reopen TT after fireworks. I miss being able to go through after dark when the crowds died off.

Toontown IMO is *just* a hair off "perfect" from the "everything doable by the entire family" ethic. The kiddie rides on the west side aren't quite on that wavelength, but with the addition of one more "all family" style ride it'd fulfill that ideal better than many other areas of the park.