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    Visiting the Disneyland Resort

    Hi everyone

    My cousins and I visited DLR last week and here are some of the things I noticed

    -RSR had breakdowns EVERYDAY. Also, the tractors were broken, We went on the ride 4 times and Frank was broken twice. Also, Sheriff was broken once. Also, I felt like the soundtrack was REALLY LOUD. My ears were hurting when Frank showed up because the music was so dang loud.

    -Indiana Jones Adventure broke down everyday(in the morning and daytime) a fellow CM even told me "not to approach Indy in the morning because chances are, it'll be broken". I thought Indy was refurbished last year?

    -Tomorrowland and Fantasyland is too small. I noticed there werent much people there, but it was PACKED.

    -it's a small world felt dirty(especially when I peeked outside of the flume) and I felt like I was sailing through a basement.

    -The Haunted Mansion was amazing, like always. POTC was cool too.

    -I noticed there wasnt a lot of people inside Mickey and the Magical Map. Other then that, I loved the show. Amazing choreography and scenes.

    -Maters Junkyard Jamboree was the best "carnival" ride, nice theming and it was FUN!

    -Luigis Flying Tires sucked.

    -My nephew hurled after riding Silly Symphony Swings, sorry for anyone involved.

    -Overall, I felt like crowds were low compared to that of Tokyo Disney.
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    Re: Visiting the Disneyland Resort

    You know, I'd be more surprised if Indy and RSR DOESN'T have a breakdown It would be a Christmas miracle!

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    Re: Visiting the Disneyland Resort

    Well, Disneyland being the original is going to pale in comparison to the others in some ways when it comes to space. That's just how it is.

    Since the rest had Disneyland to learn from, they should be darn near perfect. Especially Tokyo and those parks that came after.

    As for visitors, considering the size of Tokyo, I would be surprised if they didn't have more visitors than Disneyland.

    Breakdowns? Those babies are running every single day of the year now. I'm surprised they don't break down more. They get quite a workout.

    As for the park overall, I'm biased, of course. It's my home park, and it's the original. In spite of the "faults" some see in it, it will always have something special the others don't.

    I do agree that Disneyland, as the flagship park, should always be given special attention to maintenance, upgrades, etc. It's Walt's pride and joy.

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    Re: Visiting the Disneyland Resort

    Quote Originally Posted by KiMcHeEfOrLiFe View Post
    You know, I'd be more surprised if Indy and RSR DOESN'T have a breakdown It would be a Christmas miracle!
    This cracked me up, haha.

    I visited in May and Indy went down for days and it was never listed on the closure schedule. I wrote an email to Disney complaining about it. I suggest you write them an email about your experiences. They need to hear good and bad feedback.

    As far as RSR goes, I feel like I am one of the few who has never experienced a breakdown. I did notice the tractors not working when I was there last. Doc Hudson didn't work either.
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