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    Lightbulb Historical Landmark Status at Birthday 100

    At the 100-year birthday, will all of Disneyland become an historical landmark? Will original structures, like Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the Main Street Train Station, be eligible for preservation cost breaks (and confined by historical landmark policies)? But newer structures not? What are the other original structures? Disney would likely carefully plan for this, to their every advantage, and may be well into it now. Just curious what the possibilities are, whether I'll be observing from near or far!

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    Re: Historical Landmark Status at Birthday 100

    I... really kinda hope not.

    It's really REALLY hard to redevelop historic sites. I mean REALLY hard - moreso if there's any sort of backing to the side that wants the site retained as is.

    I love the park. But the real world complications of landmark/site status are definitely a hindrance on keeping the park updated.

    Think of how much "fun" the Jungle Cruise would be if they were legally required to keep the ride as close to opening day condition as they possibly could forever - no redos, no new gen animatronics, nothing but barely landscaped shores kept with trees replanted to maintain "new" appearance.
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    Re: Historical Landmark Status at Birthday 100

    Sounds like something the owner would have to approve. Owners usually do this to prevent the propery from being demolished.
    Disney might want to do that someday (in order to replace with something better -- yeah, I can be optimistic), so landmark status probably won't happen.

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    Re: Historical Landmark Status at Birthday 100

    What makes you think Disneyland will make it to one hundred years?

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    Re: Historical Landmark Status at Birthday 100

    Since Disneyland was the first of it's kind (all due respect to Knott's), maybe they can come up with some kind of unique designation for it such as a living landmark, so that it is recognized like a historical landmark, but can still continue to be developed and redeveloped without all of the extra red tape that usually comes along with being a historical landmark.
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    Re: Historical Landmark Status at Birthday 100

    Going on with what BogLurch said, all of us will have to ask ourselves; Is it truly a gift to be locked in the past? Yes, it will be the same attraction for many years to come, but then again, it will be the same attraction for many years to come. While it does mean everything will be cleaned, fixed, and what not to retain it's current appearance, nothing will be new.

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