View Poll Results: Best Ride To Possibly Replace Innoventions Building & Available Expansion Land

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  • EPCOT's Mission: Space

    4 11.43%
  • Mindstorms: Multi-Tech, Fast Paced Ride Once Rumored For EPCOT's Imagination Pavilian

    4 11.43%
  • Avatar

    2 5.71%
  • fast paced multi-tech interactive ride that was ...

    2 5.71%
  • TRON

    12 34.29%
  • WALL-E or upcoming "Tomorrowland" " film

    4 11.43%
  • Flight of the Navigator

    0 0%
  • Escape To Witch Mountain Or John Carter

    1 2.86%
  • The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxyh

    4 11.43%
  • Other (incuding original idea(s)

    17 48.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Re: Best Ride To Possibly Replace Innoventions Building & Available Expansion Land

    Tron should take over Buzz and the defunct Rocket Rods track. A new original idea should be created for Innoventions.

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    Re: Best Ride To Possibly Replace Innoventions Building & Available Expansion Land

    Quote Originally Posted by Seawolf View Post
    Tron should take over Buzz and the defunct Rocket Rods track. A new original idea should be created for Innoventions.
    A Star Speeder ride has been selected by Disney to replace the former People Mover/Rocket rods rides.

    Your ideas are great for a TRON attraction to replace Buzz (although there isn't much space there), and an original attraction, and an original ride to replace Innoventions.

    Quote Originally Posted by imaginashton View Post
    id perfer an original attraction in the space where innoventions is and have a tron attracton where buzz is
    Two people in a row for Innoventions. A completely new concept done rightwould be fresh and exciting. A Tron attraction replacement for Buzz would be great woth me. Buzz is way too slow, the car mothion being almost frozen a large degree of the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rave View Post
    Can someone please elaborate or link me to more info on MindStorms? It sounds fascinating and would love to find a few more details to the rumor!
    Information describing the once rumored Mindstorms ride for the Innoventions pavilian is pretty much limited to what I listed in the poll, i.e., "fast paced and multi-tech" This tells me that it would follow some sort of track, with lots of interactivity with advanced tehnology components that would be motion/visually stimulating, plus enhance one's understanding of the creative processes of the mind. This indeed would be one steady-on blast.

    The ride was to be a part of an overall makeover of EPCOT (the rumor taking place in around 2000). The Future World half of EPCOT was to become Discoveryland (the term being adopted by Disneyland Paris. instead of Tomorrowland).

    Another rumored ride for "Discoveryland" at the time was Time Racers, that was supposed to replace the ride inside Spaceship Earth. I suggest that you google the term in conjunction with Discoveryland or Project Gemini, and you might find some intriguing info on that.

    Quote Originally Posted by mousedaddy View Post
    Something from the movie black hole
    Terrific idea! I had thought of putting the Black Hole in my survey, and accidentally forgot about it when I created the poll.

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjeff View Post
    I likey ......although the original Black Hole ride proposal has been built already (under a different name and guise)
    Sounds like we're part of the way there for a Black Hole ride somewhere....sometime....and just maybe the time is now! Great new info!
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    Re: Best Ride To Possibly Replace Innoventions Building & Available Expansion Land

    Quote Originally Posted by PiecesOfEight View Post
    Pretty much anything but Avatar.
    A lot of division among MiceChatters on Avatar. As it is based on military fighting forces of the future (and exploration of another planet; it would fit, but....well....perhaps it isn't the best fit.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrFink View Post
    Escape to Witch Mountain and John Carter don't even belong in the poll. I mean, seriously? I honestly laughed.

    I picked either Tron, Wall-E, or The Avengers. Those are the most futuristic in my opinion and would work if done correctly.
    Escape from Witch Mountain was about interaction with aliens - and there might be a sequel that takes place on another world. So, it is thematically fitting. But, a ride based on Tron, Wall-E, or The Avengers would be far better; in fact it would literally Rock!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by biggsworth View Post
    I picked TRON because I think it could be quite an experience if done right. Being transported from today's world into the grid would be amazing IMO. I would want this over the speeder bike idea we have heard of lately. And I like the Star Wars brand more than TRON but TRON feels right in TL not another Star Wars attraction.
    I like both ideas equally well....just hopr Disney doesn' change its mind again and decide on another film property to base a Innoventions replacement ride My Favorite Martian.

    Quote Originally Posted by G24T View Post
    Tron because it was originally in the building and there are many ideas for attractions both virtual and mechanical that could fit inside it.
    One never knows, perhaps Disney will choose to retrofit the building for a Tron attraction; could even combine both virtual and mechanical technologies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Big D View Post
    I love Mission Space, but I must be in the vast minority, because every time I go to WDW it never has any wait at all. I think it was VERY expensive to build, so I don't imagine Disney is in too much of a hurry to build another one. I think that Disney is really held back by trying to use the rotating building so I think that the building itself needs to go. There isn't room there for a whole lot (and no room to expand backstage), so I don't know that there is much they can put there other then a show-type of attraction.
    Besides the fact that I'm highly competitive (desiring to see Disneyland outdo WDW at every turn), Mission:Space represents a different thgrill ride system that DLR doesn't hve as of yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjeff View Post
    21st Century version of Horizons or Carousel of Progress; or is it too much to ask for --Tomorrowland-- to have at least one quality attraction that really is about Tomorrow?
    The sun will come out bet your bottom interplanetary dollar! I'd love to see a highly updated Carousel of Progress as part of a queue, and a sophisticated new Horizons as the main attraction/edutainment ride.

    Quote Originally Posted by frollofan View Post
    I voted other. I was thinking maybe an omnimover attraction about chemistry would be interesting since it is an important branch of science, and it could be like Adventures thru Inner Space except very high tech with a multiple level showbuilding. For the queue, CMs could first start off is by showing off certain chemicals and their benefits to humanity then at one point you maybe pass by a lab full of AA chemists, and then at the load area they can show us the Mighty Microscope which we go through to explore the atom of a water molecule and show what it looks like when intermolecular forces weaken and get stronger or what a chemical reaction looks like between two compounds. It would be interesting to also see a ride that edutains guests about physics.
    There needs to be more edutainment oriented rides/ATTRACTIONS AT dISNEYLAND - ESPECIALLY AN ADVANCED tOMORROWLAND. One that would be tota;;y fun and scientifically compelling would be a perfect formula for an attraction that lauches the mind all the way around the future!

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney Vault View Post
    i would really like to see wall-e worked into tomorrowland
    Love WALL-E, and, done right, a ride would be a sure-fire hit...with an important environmental health message.

    Quote Originally Posted by BogLurch View Post


    Honestly, I'd love something akin to Star Tours, but a) not related to Star Wars and b) not a simulator. I'm thinking something like Mission to Mars mixed with a small "space station" that you "dock" with after the initial ride (OK, THIS part could be a simulator) and a ride involving physical sets set in space. Imagine what a motion arm could do for a low gravity situation...
    An advanced Mission To Mars could be fantastic, even for today's more sophisticated, tech/space savvy DLR guests.
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    Re: Best Ride To Possibly Replace Innoventions Building & Available Expansion Land

    I'd like to see a re-imagined Adventure Thru Inner Space, yet there are many other potential idea that could be implemented into where the Carousel Theater/Innoventions used to be. We could have a whole new sub-land added into the mix. Another thing I really want to see happen(though it will probably never happen) is for the Subs to be re-themed to either A) A view of futuristic underwater transportation. Or B) Re-Themed to 20K and make it a part of Fantasyland.

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