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    Happy birthday, Splash Mountain

    There's a fun, informative article over at MousePlanet today about the history of the Splash Mountain attractions at Disneyland and WDW Magic Kingdom, which debuted on this day in 1989 and 1992.

    Splash Mountain Double Anniversary (Korkis Korner) by Jim Korkis

    I had read some of the facts over the years, but it's interesting to hear the whole story, including Tony Baxter's and Michael Eisner's roles and the problems which caused delays in opening the ride.

    The article also touches on Tony Baxter's visit to Knott's Berry Farm as a teenager for the opening of the (now) Timber Mountain Log Ride and why some Disney executives were opposed to adding any kind of flume ride.

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    Re: Happy birthday, Splash Mountain

    Thanks for sharing the article. I absolutely love reading about the history and stories that went behind many well loved rides in the parks. And while the mountain desperately needs a lot of tender loving care at the moment, I am still very glad they built it, as it is up there as one of my favorite thrill rides in the park. I mean, the music, the narrative, the colors, the experience. It's all in there to make a fantastic attraction.

    Next year will be the ride's 25th anniversary. I hope they do something very special with the ride.

    EDIT: It seems fitting that I also post this here in case no one has seen it before. It's a demo tape of an earlier version of Splash Mountain's soundtrack accompanied by concept art. Really love watching the video from time to time.

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    Re: Happy birthday, Splash Mountain

    Wow I didn't even know Splash opened on the same day of the year as Disneyland. I learn something new on this site every day. Thanks for sharing.

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