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Thread: Video Scrapbook

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    Video Scrapbook

    Hi all! Every visit my family takes to Disneyland I film and make a sort of video scrapbook of everything. This year I was going to add a big finale mixing Fantasmic, World of Color, and the fireworks in one music video. I've been weighing my choices as to what song I'd like to use for this montage and here's some of my options:

    -The Who's Baba O'Riley
    -Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over
    - The Who's Won't get Fooled Again
    - The Beatles Hey Jude* The version off the LOVE album

    suggestions? votes? I'm looking for something really big and bombastic to reflect all three shows!

    Just for fun here are some of the other songs I've used in this scrapbook and their respective areas:
    -Fantasyland - Not Fade Away
    -Tomorrowland - Money for Nothin
    - Frontierland - Dueling Banjos
    - Cars Land - Any Road
    - The Coasters - Toys in the Attic
    and a few others lol

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    Re: Video Scrapbook

    Personally, for me, it all depends on how the whole thing will be edited together. If it has very soft and slow transitions it would require a relaxing song. If the footage would be edited together very fast paced with quick changes and an overall flash to it, something very energetic would be used.

    I actually did a sort of 'video scrapbook' before, and the way I did it was that there was not really an overall arching song playing over my footage, but instead I used the Background Music of the corresponding rides and lands. Like if I was in Adventureland, I would play Jingle Jangle Jingle by Kay Kyser while showing footage of the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones Adventure, and then switching over to Swanee River, a song I believe was used as a BGM song of New Orleans Square. Personally, that's what I would do.

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    Re: Video Scrapbook

    Cut it down to just Fantasmic, so far:
    Opening - The Who's Baba O'Riley
    Flower/Snake/Monkeys - The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows
    The Pirate Ship - Metal Version of He's a Pirate
    The Princess Boats - Symphonic version of Something by The Beatles
    Churnabog into Maleficent's transformation - Ozzy Osbourne's Let me Hear you Scream
    Final Battle - Score from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    Currently tackling the final steamboat goodbye, was hoping to use Queen's A Kind of Magic but doesn't look like that's going to fit very well :/

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    Re: Video Scrapbook

    Well, the movements of the characters on the ship are timed to that specific music, so I don't know that any other song will fit all that well. Marilyn Manson's The Dope Show would be kind of funny if you wanted to go for an ironic song, or Korn's Freak on a Leash. Otherwise Linkin Park's This is not the end / This is not the beginning (don't know the proper name of the song, maybe This not the end?) always struck me as a song that you'd see at the end of a movie where it transitions from the last scene to the credits.
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    Re: Video Scrapbook

    settled on the Fantasmic score for the finale, you're right, nothing else really fits! lol

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