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    Smile The osmond brothers

    I don't know if you heard of the osmond brothers, but for the 58 anniversary, here's a video i found.

    Down on the Corner - The Osmond Brothers at Disneyland 1970 - YouTube

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    Re: The osmond brothers

    I remember watching the entire special a couple of years ago on youtube. The only thing I didn't like about it was that they were pointing out the obvious while riding the Haunted Mansion. "Look bats." "Look at the skulls coming out of the organ." lol

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    Re: The osmond brothers

    I watch that episode on YouTube too. The times sure have changed.

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    Re: The osmond brothers

    I remember the original airing since my sisters were, like zillions of girls of the day, massive Osmond Brothers fans. We watched WWoD every week anyway, but this one was an *event*.

    (My first trip to Knott's was with my parents after my sisters were dropped off at an Osmond Brothers concert at (IIRC) Anaheim Stadium.)

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