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    Re: Is this good news or bad news for DL?

    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Adventurer View Post
    Wonder what the cost of company cars in relation to improved CM salaries is.
    200 CM's salaries with an increase of $1.50 an hour @ 40hrs a week = $480,000 a month (1.5x40=60 x4wks=240 x200eployees=480,000) x12 is 5,760,000 a year.
    There is an extra zero in some of these results.

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    Re: Is this good news or bad news for DL?

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkertonfloyd View Post
    Disney is late on the game on getting rid of the car perks... They used to be easy write-offs, they are no longer, and now any use of the vehicle that's non-work related is considered "income" and the employee is supposed to pay it. Driving "to and from" home and office is *PERSONAL* use BTW.

    I know one company that basically just got a ton of long-term rentals so employees had them available, but it's a way around the tax laws.

    Car perks for random business... when your job isn't to drive around.. is so antiquated.

    In comparsion... here near Audi HQ.. people get company cars.. but higher ranks get cool ones like an RS5
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