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Thread: Fast Pass Plus

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    Re: Fast Pass Plus

    Quote Originally Posted by lady3jane View Post
    So would you say that when people have to leave early and decide to give their FPs to total strangers, they are breaking the rules because FPs are not transferable?
    If the rule says not to do something, and one does it, the rule is broken.

    Is it a big deal? Not in this case. I only usually give fastpasses away when I am too tired at the end of the night to stay until my fastpass time. If Disney started to actually enforce non-transferablility of fastpasses, I would just suck it up and wait until my return time so that the pass didn’t go to waste. I do it all the time, but yes it is a violation of the fastpass rules.
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    Re: Fast Pass Plus

    Quote Originally Posted by whoever View Post
    How so? There is planned capacity and wait time ratios between FP vs Standby and as the FP is taken into accout whether my entire party uses their FP, or just select members, 4 FP is still 4 seats on the ride. The rider doesn't matter.
    No, if you and your oldest daughter each used your own tickets only to get FP, that would be 2 seats. Not 4. That is where the argument is coming from. It's not WHO is using them, it is being used vs. not being used. It's the same reason you cannot use a ticket on a FP machine until it has been scanned in at the entry gate. Otherwise, people could grab the annual pass of every person they know who is at work or school on a given day and get a handful of FP for every ride using the tickets of people not there. Same concept. I get that it is convenient, and I have done it on a few rare occasions in the past, but I also understand why it is that Disney wants each person to use only their own tickets to get FP.

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