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    Re: Trader Sam's Drink Mixes?

    In particular, Sam's uses syrups from BG Reynolds, which are fantastic but have to be ordered online. I don't believe they use any apple or peach juices in their drinks unless they're non-alcoholic or off-menu drinks. So if authenticity is something you want, I'd avoid those.

    If you're curious as to what rums they use, they're sittin pretty for you to take note and easily obtainable w/the exception of Coruba dark rum, which you have to hunt around online for a place that sells it.

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    Re: Trader Sam's Drink Mixes?

    As has been noted here, it's not just about the type of liquor they use, but also the quality - and additionally, sometimes the brand itself. My boyfriend is somewhat of a tiki connoisseur, and he has sometimes asked the bartenders what specific brand they may use for a drink, sometimes suggesting one of the bottles he may see on the shelf. If you are polite, they are more than happy to tell you. If you can't make it out but have a specific drink in mind, send me a PM on what drink it is and what part of the recipe you're curious about and the bf and i will make a trip and ask

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    Re: Trader Sam's Drink Mixes?

    The tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki rum is better known as a painkiller, if that helps.

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