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    Exclamation ZOMG I Return To Disneyland In T-Minus 8 Days!

    I dont know any other guy in his mid 20s that gets as excited for Disneyland the way I do . Anyway, I've gone to DL every year for the past 4 years and we're going to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday. Is there anything you guys suggest I can do for her, or that we can do that will make this trip extra memorable. I'm asking about doing something that's out of the ordinary. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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    Re: ZOMG I Return To Disneyland In T-Minus 8 Days!

    What is out of the ordinary? You can always do a great meal at Napa Rose, Carthay Circle, or the tried-and-true Blue Bayou. You can also have Disney leave a special gift in your hotel room, if you're staying at a Disney property.

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    Re: ZOMG I Return To Disneyland In T-Minus 8 Days!

    Have the Dapper Dans sing Happy Birthday for her! Make sure she wears the birthday button, maybe get her a birthday ear hat to draw extra attention, and she'll get people wishing her a happy birthday all day.

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    Re: ZOMG I Return To Disneyland In T-Minus 8 Days!

    Hey there, fella. You are not the only 20-something that enjoys Disneyland a great deal. My pals often display an aura of confusion when I explain things like hidden mickeys, line cutting frustrations, and scuff marks on my favorite sneakers from inexperienced motorized cart operators. I hope that you and your old lady enjoy your trip. As long as you take siestas during the day, stay hydrated, and keep that blood sugar in check, everyone will have a good attitude, and therefore, a good time.

    I, myself, will be at the park in t-minus 7 days and am looking forward to some shenanigans. Does anyone know if there is a rule on whether or not you can wear Sperry's without socks in enclosed spaces like the elevator/video room in that broken down hotel in DCA? Boat shoes, when left untreated, can project a vapor that has been known to the state of California to cause birth defects.
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