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    First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    Brought some relatives to Disneyland for the first time yesterday. Here's a little trip report with a couple pics at the end.

    The day started early at 5 AM, leaving San Diego about 6, and we arrived at about 7:40 (and got to park in the Pinocchio parking lot- yay!)

    We got to the park and got in line for Indy- which broke down twice while in line. We still got on in about twenty-five minutes (sort of frustrating because we wanted to do a lot of rides before the park got busy). They LOVED it. But the ride broke down right as we turned away from the last Indy animatronic and we had to walk off- frustrating.

    Next we went to get on POTC- broken down. Than we went on Mansion, walk on, they loved it and were actually a little bit scared (lol). Than we went over to Splash to check the wait time/get fastpasses depending on the wait. BROKEN DOWN. We were a little frustrated by now but carried on. Than we went over to see if POTC was working yet- still broken down.

    So we went over to Fantasyland for IASW- BROKEN DOWN! By now it felt just embarrassing that we brought our relatives here and almost every ride we attempted wasn't working. Than we visited Toontown and went on the two rides there and by then IASW was working.

    Than we went to get on Space- broke down while we were about to turn into the tunnel. Could we have worse luck? We sat there for about thirty minutes as the brakes reset.

    The rest of the day most of the rides worked and eventually we got on all of the ones we really wanted to. But I couldn't help noticing that a lot of the Disney "magic" was lacking. Animations weren't working (Splash, TL), paint peeling in SO many places... just a general lack of the cohesive Disneyland flair.
    We still had a GREAT time... I just wish everything would have gone to plan. Here's some choice pictures I took of the trip:

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    Re: First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    Sorry you had such a rocky beginning. Glad it worked out. I wonder if there wasn't a larger problem such as some kind of power outage that affected so many attractions.
    The pictures look like everyone had a good time.

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    Re: First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    Bummer about the breakdowns. Looks like you made the best of it. Beautiful family, and looks like they had a great time in the pics.

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    Re: First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    This reminds me of when I stayed at Grand Californian and took advantage of the Magic Morning Hours. All the rides in DCA except for Little Mermaid were either not running or broken down. Very frustrating.

    I'm glad the rest of the day went well for you guys!

    "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

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    Re: First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    Sorry about the rides being down but as they say any day in Disneyland is a better day than anywhere else. It looks as if you made it a great day tho. Being with family is what counts.

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    Re: First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    It's almost impossible to have a bad time while wearing Minnie ears, and I think your pictures show that! Glad everyone still had a good time and a good attitude despite the difficulties!! Way to soldier through.

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    Re: First Time Trip Report + Some Pictures

    Wow! Gloom despair and agony on me. You really had rotten luck. What a beautiful family smiling through it all. I hope your family will come back again and have better luck. Thanks for sharing.

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