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Thread: Aladdin's Oasis

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    Aladdin's Oasis

    So just curious...How much space is actually back there in DL in the Oasis? I've walked in there before but that was during Grad Night...while scoping a dance location, it was dark and didnt really get the gist of how big it that space big enough to build the flying magic carpet ride like WDW's...I think it would be cool to put one of those hidden in there...i know we already have an Orbitor, and Dumbo and this would only add to the spinning flying rides...but i think it might be nice...also is the space too "revealing" of backstage if there were flying carpets in there hovering above the ground....
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    I don't think it is that big- I have seen the dressing rooms and they are tiny, as is most of the rest of the staging area there. Most of the backside of it is JC.
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