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    Red Face Refurbishments late October?

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you all so much for your help on the last thread. I have a new question for you:

    I'll be in Disneyland October 21st through the 25th, & I'm wondering if anyone has heard of any other rumored refurbishments set to occur, besides the BTMRR project. Another month or so & I'll be able to see on the entertainment schedule, but I'm hoping maybe someone on MiceChat might know more.

    Thanks so much! You all are the best.
    Feel free to add me or message me here on Mice Chat!

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    Re: Refurbishments late October?

    You might be hit with the "its a small world Holiday" overlay shutdown (usually 2 weeks to get it going by the 11th-12th of November). October has turned into a busy, busy time, so you'll see more shutdowns in September now (one of the best times to go BTW... low crowds... but many refurbs).

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    Re: Refurbishments late October?

    You'll be missing out on BTMRR and likely It's a Small World.

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