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    How much does D23 affect the crowd level?

    Goin to DL from the 8th-12th and it just so happens that's D23 too. We've been going the last 4 years during this time, and we've managed the crowds well, will D23 make THAT much of a difference? Are APs blocked out this weekend?

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    Re: How much does D23 affect the crowd level?

    Sunday morning is still the least crowded time to be at the parks. Deluxe passes are only blacked out on August 10. Southern California passes and Southern California Select passes are blacked out the entire time. When the convention is going on, the parks actually experience normal crowds, but in the evening, it seems like everyone at the D23 Expo rushes to the parks.

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    Re: How much does D23 affect the crowd level?

    Yep, John is right on the money. Days will be pretty manageable, nights will get busy, but smart planning, and getting a few late Fastpass times can make the nights fine too. Plan to do the things like Space, Indy, RSR early. "People eaters" like PotC, Small World and HM will probably still have fairly short lines even when the parks get crowded. If you don't mind getting wet you can do Splash or Grizzly late with short lines usually too, unless it's unusually hot of course. But get your priorities out of the way early, whatever they are, and then spend the night relaxing and hoping on a few Fastpass rides or those "people eaters".
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