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    D23... Good place to take children?

    My girlfriend and I are contemplating going to d23 since we've never been (but we can only go Sunday). D23, being Disney, seems like a child (age 9) would like it, but the fact that there are presentations and a lot chaos makes me question the validity of that assumption.

    • Will he be entertained? Because that's really what I feel it comes down to as a 9-year old.
    • Are there kid-specific things to do as well as?

    Lastly, different variation, and very bluntly... Is D23 worth it? Thanks a million forum friends!

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    Re: D23... Good place to take children?

    Unless he's really into Disney and the in and outs of making the movies, shows, parks, probably not. The presentations are detailed but if he is not into it he will probably get bored. He may rather be in the parks.

    I know there is a costume contest but think that is Friday. He could see stuff about video games. I think at 9 he may be in between the good ages. I'm thinking 2 hours of fun, 6 hours of being dragged around.

    Is it worth it, depends on you. Want to hear every Disney song ever, want to go to a Disney Swap Meet, want to see props, want to hear people who worked for Disney in some way talk about it? It's really ultra fan stuff.
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    Re: D23... Good place to take children?

    Does he watch Disney Channel? They have a whole pavilion dedicated to Disney Channel stuff. Guest appearances and concerts from a lot of their shows. Sunday has a Disney Interactive thing in the arena where they will talk about their upcoming video games which could be interesting to him.

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    Re: D23... Good place to take children?

    I just wrote a column on this! I think your kids would have fun at D23 if you balance out the events that you're more likely interested in (panels, presentations) with the more kid-friendly ones, like character meet-and-greets, Disney Channel, etc. Fortunately there's not too much overlap, the characters are more in the morning while the more adult stuff is later in the day.

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