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    Re: Captain EO Closing (for refurbishment?) In September

    I'm glad that EO will soon see its last performance. That movie is very dated and it seems like such a large piece of real estate wasted for it.

    i just wish that they would not put in a new 3d movie even if based on Star Wars. They really should consider re-developing that whole bottom section of tomorrow land.

    If I was them I would start by gutting out the theater and maybe removing the roofline that was added when the theater was enclosed.

    Next I would widen the pathway between the theater and the starcade so that it is just used as an exit walkway for Space mountain and restroom access.

    The space mountain Marque would then be moved and placed near the entrance to the starcade allowing both floors to become a queue area for the roller coaster basically replacing the ramp on the opposite side. Space Mountain queue would then be concentrated inside this building and the original roofline of the building.

    The magic eye theater would now go back to being an open air eatery with a real stage. The whole area would be Star Wars themed with live performances of the Star Wars cantina band as well as a relocated Jeti night training camp.

    The kitchen area and order windows would once again be behind the theater like they were originally in the area where the fast pass machines are and building behind them.

    Pizza port along with the large area behind it including area used by ramp would now be gutted and re-used as an attraction area.

    I think that redoing this would help make the Space mountain building more visible as designed originally. It would also eliminate the clutter and wasteful use of the property and also make the Restauarant more centralized and close to the restrooms like it should be.

    The property used by pizza port, innocent ions and skyway building could become an open canvas for new themed buildings for a huge attraction and possibly a themed store

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    Re: Captain EO Closing (for refurbishment?) In September

    I love Captain EO but it's about time it goes. I'm surprised it's lasted this long, tbh.
    Please... put Guardians of the Galaxy in Tomorrowland.

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