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    Re: Escape From Tomorrow to be Released

    I, for one, was hoping this film by this sleezeball of a director never saw the light of day. When people start suing him for appropriation of their images, he is going to get exactly what he deserves. The way this film was done is an insult to all legitimate filmmakers who go through proper channels and obtain usage permission from both their locations and their talent.
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    Re: Escape From Tomorrow to be Released

    Legal and moral debates aside, If you guys have a chance to see it, you should jump on it. It's really mind boggling how they were able to get the shots that they did. The film is definitely not for everyone, but you'll definitely leave with the word "Wow" in your mind. Whether that is a good or bad "Wow" depends on who you are. Also, It's not a kids movie.

    As for the cuts, according to one of the producers in early May, they were not made due to any legal pressure from Disney, but because they're still working on it. My friend who saw both the Sundance cut and the May cut said that the cuts actually helped the movie's pacing a lot. I didn't see the Sundance cut, so I can't compare, but maybe half the movie was in the parks, ride queues, and rides.
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