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    Kudos - Splashdown Cast Members

    We were in Disneyland from Saturday Aug 17-2013 until Wednesday Aug 21-2013.

    On Saturday night we were on Splash Mountain when it broke down and we had to get out of our log just before the first big drop and walk down the back stairs. That was attempt number two to ride Splash.

    Then on Sunday we had fast passes and attempted to ride the ride twice to find it down again both times. The third time we tried to ride it we got to the front of the line and were next to load and again it breaks down. My daughter and I waited about 45 minutes until this very nice cast member named Sam came by and talked to us. He told us it was going to be at least another 45 minutes and we really should try another ride. My daughter was very disappointed. He told us to come back and ask for him and he would do something special for us.

    When we finally returned an hour or so later he knew us. He had arranged for a free picture of us on the ride. He also made sure we were the only people in the log for the picture. I so appreciated him going out of his way to make up for all our wasted time that day and the night before. He was awesome..

    I must also say all the cast members working that night would wonderful and actually made the wait fun. We were treated great by all. I even went to City Hall to give them a good report.

    Saying all this Splash is having a very tough time right now. It was down again on Wednesday. Don't know what the issues are but the ride is not operating as well as it has during our past visits.

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    Re: Kudos - Splashdown Cast Members

    and it's things like this that separates Disneyland from the rest.
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    Re: Kudos - Splashdown Cast Members

    What a wonderful report! Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Kudos - Splashdown Cast Members

    I had my walk-off in the same exact area, i have a thread on it.

    that is really cool that the CM really went out of his way for you guys, gotta love that enthusiasm on their end to really do their best to make your daughters day magical.

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