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Thread: Club 33

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    Club 33

    is it really that hard to become a member of Club 33?
    i've also heard that people have gotten the chance to dine there without being a member.

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    Re: Club 33

    There's a wait list and it requires a hefty sum of money. So "hard" is kind of relative, in that you have to be patient and have the finances, but there isn't any kind of interview process or anything that I'm aware of.

    Yes, members can make reservations for non-members to dine in Club 33.

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    Re: Club 33

    Some people have been lucky enough to dine there as a guest to a member. Some really lucky folks more than once. Many of us have not been able to be blessed with such an invitation, but one always has hope.
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    Re: Club 33

    First, put your name on the list. When your name comes up, pay the initiation fees and annual fees.

    To dine there without a member, sometimes groups like D23 can rent it for a breakfast, or you can see if a business or friend you know are a member. Or you can schedule a VIP tour and if there is space at the club, they can schedule it if all is well.
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