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    Cool cast member

    just recently got hired at Disneyland , have my traditions Sept 21st, whats it like?? also when do i receive my complimentary passes?

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    Re: cast member

    1967, 1973, 1977 - DLR (RV parks)
    1980-1984 - DLR (multiple single days or at now-defunct motels)
    1994 - DLR (off-site hotel)
    2007 - DLR (single day)
    2008, 2009 - DLR (BW Stovall's)
    2012 - WDW (PopC)
    2013 - DLR (Candy Cane Inn)

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    Re: cast member

    welcome to mice chat.

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    Re: cast member

    This is just general warning that Disney patrol fan sites like Micechat. Anything you say Disney will scrutinize every word you post. I caution you if you post anything that Disney has not released publicly or something being a CM that you don't like that could be probable grounds to get you in trouble. Careful what you post!
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    Re: cast member

    Complimentary passes are distributed twice a year during the summer and winter seasons. They just distributed the summer passes in August, so you will have to wait until the winter season for the next set of tickets.

    Assuming you are either a FT/CR CM, your main entrance pass will be sent after 2 weeks.

    There are also opportunities for additional complimentary tickets for holidays and special events like the opening for Carsland, Little Mermaid, Star Tours, etc.

    Your best source for information on your complimentary passes and the main entrance pass is to look on the Hub.

    HUB > Quick Access Menu (Right side of the screen) > Complimentary Admission

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    Re: cast member

    Congrats. Never went through "Traditions" at TDA. However I went twice in the 80's in the Disney University at the old Admin building. One of the rooms was close enough to hear the Dinosaurs from the DLRR-all morning long. Part of orientation I guess, getting you used to hearing the same sounds for hours straight. I sort of remember the song for the video was something about " takes people" and box lunch at ; anyone else remember? I always joked with my wife that it was total brainwashing and likened it to Alex in "A Clockwork Orange".
    Guess it worked though, I still can't point with only one finger. Also whenever someone is really upset with me I just start smiling, making eye-contact and responding to them in a quiet voice, again smiling the whole time and no matter what the situation or where we are, I have the urge to send them to City Hall.
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