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    Re: Do You Agree With This Comment For Mara's Projection?

    Disagree big time. Love the new projections on the eyes of Mara. It's loud, and the after-effect of looking in the eye on these projections makes looking into the eyes more frightening.

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    Re: Do You Agree With This Comment For Mara's Projection?

    I disagree. I have only seen 2 of the 3 versions, but I was blown away how great it looked live and in person.

    That said, the ride vehicles and the main room really sell this attraction. They could make some big improvements. I really feel like an E ticket shouldn't have walls painted to create depth or in place of actual 3 dimensional sets or characters. I sort of feel like a lot of the effects and showrooms in this ride are *almost* great.

    Quote Originally Posted by ghosty4 View Post
    It seems to go unmentioned, but I believe they also replaced the projector in the rat room because when I rode through a few days ago the images looked brighter and crisper than I have ever seen them. And even though it's a simple coat of paint, I really like the detail they added to the spear room.
    I noticed this too. I just thought perhaps I was in there on a slow day (a weekday during this short, slow period) and the cars weren't being rushed through and the projection had a chance to "set." But since you noticed it too, this effect is definitely clearer than it has been in the last 4 years.

    Still, it should be replaced. It's not convincing. At all.

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