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    I now understand why they stagger park closing times...

    Last night (September 6th) both DCA and DL both closed at 10pm for some reason. I know there must be a good reason for it, but boy oh boy did it create quite the cattle call. The tram areas were insanely crowded but luckily the right side was open. The weird thing was though there was a CM telling people to board the trams on the left side because the right side was too crowded. We went to the right side and did have to wait for 3 tram cycles before getting on one. I was down to walk to the M&F structure but our friend has a bum knee and she barely made it through the evening at the parks (she forgot her brace she normally wears).

    Cliff notes; both parks closing at the same time, no bueno.

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    Re: I now understand why they stagger park closing times...

    It was absolutely ridiculous. Toy Story was just as crowded. The parks should have been on a 12am/11pm closing rather than a 10/10. Poor management decision.

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    Re: I now understand why they stagger park closing times...

    This doesn't sound any different than a summer night. If you're going to leave the parks early, do it before Magical ends! It usually takes 2 or 3 trams to get out of the Esplanade.

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