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    The Best Disney Park Documentary

    Hey everyone! So I was watching Disney documentaries today on YouTube and I came across this video. It really goes into details on how many of the rides are built and ran. Thought it was really interesting enough that I want to share it with those who have not seen it yet!

    Here is the link.

    Modern Marvels - Walt Disney World - YouTube

    Have a Magical Day! Hope you enjoy and share the magic.

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    Re: The Best Disney Park Documentary

    I have a playlist on my youtube account with nothing but Disneyland stuff and my favorite documentary is on there, called the Disneyland Story. It's black and white and I just love it.

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    Re: The Best Disney Park Documentary

    Many of the new documentaries have a "commercial" feel to them though I find most of them enjoyable. I'd try the following:

    The Disneyland Story (not the color one with Harry Anderson)
    Disney Parks, The Secrets, Stories and Magic Behind the Scenes (box set, DL and WDW)
    Disney Treasures Disneyland Secrets, Stories & Magic
    Imagineering the Magic (one for DL, one for WDW, very commercial)
    Travel Channel Tokyo Disneysea
    Walt Disney World: A Dream Come True
    Epcot: A Souvenir Program
    The Dream Called Epcot
    Walt Disney World Past Present and Future
    and probably my favorite, the 1956 Disneyland USA

    All of these can be found on youtube

    There are so many great documentaries or films. Do yourself a favor and go to this YouTube user's channel: WED-TV, Progress City Public Access aka ProgressCityPublicTV. Tons of great old, mainly WDW, shows. All not commercially available and many taken from the sorely missed "Vault Disney"

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