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    best NON i phone disneyland app?

    MY fiance currently has the touring plans app, in the past we have found it does not really work as well as advertised, so we were looking for another suggestion for a non Iphone. what shes really wanting is something to find the characters during halloween time. donald was not to be found in that pumpkin costume last year. thanks

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    Re: best NON i phone disneyland app?

    Lines is more about rides over character meet and greets... sometimes the best place for that is twitter feeds believe it or not. IE: #Disneyland...

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    Re: best NON i phone disneyland app?

    Last year Disney launched a free phone calling service (it will use the minuites your cell carrier provides you with) called "OTTO" it has all the ride wait times, show times, and everything you need, and it is always up to date! And, best of all, for the people like me without smart phones it requires no app, or internet connection! Here is the number, you just call and say the name of a ride or show, and the robot will answer:
    Have fun!

    Edit: This blog post I found explains how it works:
    Got a Disneyland Resort Question? Just ‚€˜Ask Otto!‚€™ ¬ę Disney Parks Blog

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    Re: best NON i phone disneyland app?

    The best updated one is going to be one that's also on the iphone, so you get more input from users from both phone platforms, not just whatever particular OS your phone had. But for your particular request I'm not sure which app does that.

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