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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    Quote Originally Posted by RegionsBeyond View Post
    I'd heard somewhere this was the year they were selling the 'zombie gingerbread men' as a cookie option in bakeries finally - was that just a rumor or accurate?
    Do you mean the gingerbread men with icing sleletons? They are at the Mint Julep Bar. They call them Spooky Cookies, I think, and come with different colored icing-skeletons. I must warn you -- they are baked off-site, according to the packaging. I think the company was called Selma's. Still, the one I had Saturday was just perfect. I love gingerbread and it was so nice to have it well before the Christmas season.

    Edit: Just did a google search. Pretty sure they're baked at Selma's Bakery in Riverside.
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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    Does anyone know if the Popcorn Coffin will be available this year? btw can't wait to try Jacks Burger at CC and the Pumpkin Fritters, mmm.

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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    No Coffins this year, it seems. I still haven't seen the Hat Box Ghost Mickey popcorn bucket in the park yet either. Those are supposed to be available.

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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    Thank you very much for the info, First Star!
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    My friends highly recommended I try the Pepper Jack Skellington Burger. And man, they were right! It's delicious!

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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    Yum, that looks good. What was the cost?

    And then found it...$14.99. Was it worth it for you?
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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin View Post
    Any other special "merchandise" with food or snack items this year, beside the Jack Skellington coffin? And are any photos of these other items available?

    I have seen a photo of Popcorn Buck from WDW with Mickey dressed as the Hatbox Ghost - will that be available in DL also?

    How about and special Halloweentime hot and/or cold beverage containers , and what do they look like?
    The Hat Box Mickey was supposed to be there for Fri 13th. But there was a problem with the shipping from the warehouse (along with pins & lanyards & a few other merchandise that were supposed to be released that day. WDW got theirs, DL did not) This was told to me by 4 different CMs, 2 of whom were nice enough to get on the phone & actually ask someone who knew better than them.

    The expected arrival date was supposed to be Sept 21st.

    I have seen pics on Instagram & Twitter of people who got it at DL. So maybe it just depends on which part of the park & the time of day?

    I'm going on the 11th. Hope they have it by then, along with everything else I didn't get on the 13th.

    As for the mug, I saw one girl with one, when I asked her if that was this years mug she said yes. But it was the same design as last year. So not 100% sure on that info, I would think if they didn't get the other stuff, how did they have mugs, unless it was remnants of last years till they get the new ones in.
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    Re: Halloween Time Food

    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly View Post
    Pumpkin Beingets will definitely be available all season long, along with Pumpkin cheesecakes, pies, muffins and cupcakes. Disneyland once again has some great seasonal menu items this year.

    Other seasonal offerings this year include:

    Family Style Halloween Cookie Bake at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ
    Snicker doodle Cookie topped with Pumpkin Ice Cream and Caramel.

    Pumpkin Fritters, Royal Street Verandah

    Muffelleta Sandwiches and Jack Oreo Coffin Cake, French Market

    Pepper Jack Skellington Burger, Carnation Cafe
    Sourdough bread, beef patty, pepper jack and white cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions and spicy burger sauce. Served with purple potato wedges.

    Wicked Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Village Haus
    Mushrooms, Swiss, spicy red pepper spread.

    Dia de Los Muertos tamales and Pumpkin Flan with orange cake, Rancho de Zocalo

    Vampire Chicken Pizza, Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta
    Garlic sauce, Gouda, mozzarella, tomato concasse and balsamic glaze.

    Monster Mac and Cheese Pizza, Red Rockkets

    Monster Burger - only on party nights
    Standard looking burger with grilled onions served with fries covered in blue and green Parmesan ranch "ooze"

    Coq au Vin, Cafe Orleans
    Chicken braised in wine, bacon, mushrooms and garlic

    Pork Tenderloin Wellington, Blue Bayou

    Fish Sandwich, Hungry Bear

    I'll be very busy trying as much as I can this season!

    I'm printing this out.... will keep a list with me
    I'm going to have to walk a lot to stay ahead of the calories ;-)

    pumpkin flan..... wow....

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