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    Smile Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

    This is a little delayed but my girlfriend, her mother, her sister and a couple that are friends of our's were at the DLR for the Half Marathon Weekend. Boy, was it hot and humid! (Thank God for motel/hotel air conditioning that works well) My gf, the couple and I ran (walked at a good pace) the 5K and the woman from the couple and my girlfriend's sister ran the 10K and the half marathon the next day. My GF and I didn't get much sleep (Strange bed and all). We got up at a little after 4:00 AM on Sat. and were in the crowd waiting to start the 5K. It was o dark thirty and the air was so thick, warm and still you could cut it with a knife and watch it split! Ugh...oppressive! However, it was kind of cool to see some "backstage" areas on the run itself.

    Overall, a rewarding weekend at the resort which included eating at 3 places we hadn't been to before. After recovering from the 5 and 10 K runs, we had breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe. It was pretty good and reasonably priced, to my surprise. (The prices go up significantly for lunch and dinner, however). Very interesting decor, too. After the half marathon on Sun., we ate lunch at the ESPN Zone. A little over-priced, in my opinion, but a fun place overall with TVs everywhere including the restrooms so you don't miss a moment of the game! My gf and I had met up with another couple that are friends of ours that day and before we left Sunday night, we went to Earl Of Sandwich. Grub sandwiches and very reasonably priced! We will eat there again.
    We are going to do this event again next year and plan to stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel. It will be my first time staying at a resort hotel and I'm looking forward to it!
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