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    How Tomorrowland should be - Rise of the DIYers

    We just had a Mini Maker Faire here in Calgary this past weekend as part of the bigger inaugural 6-day long Beakerhead festival. I was just on Make Magazine's page for the big Maker Faire coming up in New York and was surprised to see that it is being presented by Disney:
    Maker Faire | The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

    I actually have not seen Disney doing a sponsorship like this before, so I'm wondering, why all of the sudden? This observation of Disney sponsoring Maker Faire has me intrigued. For those of you that don't read Make Magazine, it's a quarterly publication for the DIY community that covers technology, science, engineering, and a little bit of art (much like our Beakerhead festival this past week). The Maker Faires were started by the publishers of Make Magazine. Has someone at Disney finally noticed that the DIY community is growing and maybe they're testing the waters to maybe incorporate this into the parks? The Star Wars takeover just doesn't sit well with me, but this does. I'm not too keen on the thought of all the attractions currently in Tomorrowland based on movies, and the ones they are proposing (more Star Wars), and very much prefer the Tomorrowland of 1985 with attractions based on original ideas and science. Could they be testing the waters with Maker Faire?

    PS: I could be wrong about this being Disney's first time sponsoring Maker Faire, but it's the first time that I've noticed it.

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    Re: How Tomorrowland should be - Rise of the DIYers

    In the past I have seen Disney Imagineering have a large booth at the Bay Area Makers Faire. The booth was amazing and was almost the size of the Disney Consumer products booth at the D23 Expo this year.

    Tony Baxter and other Imagineers also spoke at the Makers Faire that year as well.
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