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    Mickey's Halloween Party

    I want to plan to go out next year to the DLR for the Halloween party. We went just this last Spring and only got around to seeing half of the stuff there, with 3day park hopper passes. My question is..if we get the 3 day park Hopper again, for Oct. and buy the Halloween party we have to use the 3day pass as one of the days of the party? If we just go for the party and show up when it allows, I believe it's 3:30 with party tickets, then can we still use the 3day park hopper for another 3 days?

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party

    Your party ticket will not be attached to your PHs in any way. So you can use all 3 days of your PH and still get an extra 1/2 day (depending on the date of your party you can enter at 3pm or 4 pm -- about 8 hours total in DL if you stay until closing) with your party ticket.

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party

    I called up Disney to ask the same question and they said that there way no way to save on tickets + Mickey's Halloween Party unless you just skipped the park on that day. I will be at Disneyland/DCA on Oct 1st and at least on that day the park opens at 8am instead of 10am and I get Magic Morning so it's 7am if you get the 3-day park hopper.

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party

    If you can arrange it the best buy is to get the 3 day park hopper, and rest, go swimming or anything else on the day of the party, then go to the halloween party 3 hours early. You will then have the 3 day park hopper to go into the parks. This is the biggest bang for your buck.
    The Friday party's seem to have more guests, and the closer you get to halloween the worse the crowds.
    Make sure you buy the party tickets before you go and it is best to get them as soon as they are being sold, some of the parties sell out quickly.
    We have gone for several years and will be going in the middle of October.

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