This coming Saturday (28th) is the last day of 2 World of Color showings at 9pm and 10:15. Couple of weeks ago, World of Color wasn't scheduled for all of October. Now it is and the schedule is interesting.

Beginning on September 29th (Sunday), World of Color is scheduled for only 1 showing at 9:45 with the fireworks bumped back to its traditional 9:25 start. Weekdays (Mon-Thur) is still at 8:15 as the park still closes at 8.

Then on days when Mickey's Halloween Party goes on at Disneyland, California Adventure is scheduled to close at 12 am with only one World of Color still scheduled at 9pm.

On the first day of Mickeys Halloween Party (the 27th) World of Color is still showing twice at 9 and 10:15.

Be sure to check the DL Online Calendar and pick up a times guide on days that you visit in the coming weeks as it may change without notice.