“Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking of what's wrong with the thing and how it can be improved.”

In light of the upcoming refurbishment of Pirates, I though this quote was fitting. We, those who love Disneyland beyond reason have a hard time of letting go of the past. Now this may not be without reason, because we have lost several things that were near and dear to our hearts only to be replaced with mediocre attractions. But if we try and look at the way Walt would we may find that these changes are for the best.

“Whatever we accomplish is due to the combined effort. The organization must be with you or you don't get it done... In my organization there is respect for every individual, and we all have a keen respect for the public.”

We were all holding our collective breaths when Esiner stepped down last year. No one really knew how Bob Iger would do, what he would do. Though only a small amount of time has gone by, it looks as if Iger gets it. What exactly “it”? Well to me it’s that shining quality that reflects understanding of how things work, or simply, how Walt would do it. That respect that Walt was talking about has all but left the Mouse House and the results speaks for its self. But within the short amount of time we’ve had Iger he’s shown a different attitude, one that reflects Walt’s way of thinking. Hopefully it continues and maybe one day Disney can be a great company again.

“We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun -together.”

One of Walt’s, if not the best, ideas. Was a park where people of all ages could have fun together. The key point of that being TOGETHER. I think most of Disneyland does this very well, with the exception of a few more intense attractions that little ones are not allowed to ride. But then there’s Toontown. The very premise of this place is in opposition to Walt’s original idea. It’s directed to only entertain those of a very young age and doesn’t even do that very well. Besides Walt had already given and example of how to build a “playground” that everyone could enjoy; Tom Sawyers Island. Comparably toontown is the biggest waste of space that provides little in the way of entertainment and it should completely leveled or at least redone.