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    Talking Question on Disney Parks Christmas Parade!


    So we are planning a trip to Disneyland in November! And heard even more wonderful news, that the Christmas Parade was happening in November too, but had some questions on the event. Here they are and I just know I can get the best help from other Disney fans!

    1. When are they taping the performances & parade this year (2013)?
    2. Do you need special tickets to watch the performances & enter the park on taping day?
    3. Is there any ride closures on taping day?
    4. Is the normal firework shows still going to happen?
    5. Is it more crowded than normal?
    6. When do they release the line up for 2013?
    7. Can you use normal admission tickets bought months prior?
    8. Can you still get inside if they reach maximum capacity?

    Thank you and I hope I didn't ask to many questions! And please if you went before I'd love to hear your experience!

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    Re: Question on Disney Parks Christmas Parade!

    I can't answer all your questions but I'll try my best.

    1. Not sure
    2. No
    3. No
    4. Yes
    5. Main Street and the Castle are, the rest of the park no
    6. Not sure

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    Re: Question on Disney Parks Christmas Parade!

    I haven't heard of the specific taping weekend but the christmas parade will be on everyday probably from the 12th, which is the start of the Christmas season. I am arriving on the 11th and was hoping to see the soundtastic parade but I'm pretty sure I'll miss out on that and only get the Christmas parade.

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    Re: Question on Disney Parks Christmas Parade!

    7. Yes
    8. If they're at capacity, that means NO ONE gets in until some people leave.

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    Re: Question on Disney Parks Christmas Parade!

    I've attended the day of the taping once and my answers are based off of my own experience:
    1. It's usually the first weekend of November (weather permitting)
    2. Nope. It's a normal park day
    3. Just the Main Street Vehicles, unless filming is going to be done on a ride (but there typically isn't)
    4. Yes, weather permitting
    5. It was actually a very slow day when I went. Our longest line of the day was 30 minutes
    6. I have no clue, but Disney Parks Blog should/probably will announce that
    7. Yes
    8. Like I said, it's typically a pretty slow day

    Also, all these answers are based off the fact that I didn't stay and watch the actual taping of the parade. If you would like to do that, I suggest you get to the park bright and early as Main Street will fill up with people who want to watch the taping/parade and get a chance of being on tv. Also, if you are going to watch the parade, wear Christmas/holiday garb and be very lound and energetic as the producer likes that and typically chooses those kinds of groups for a quick close up. Have a great time, and maybe I'll see you there!
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    Re: Question on Disney Parks Christmas Parade!

    This year I would expect the taping to be the second weekend due to the fact that the first weekend only gives then 1 day to remove Halloween.

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