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    Thunder Mountain Update

    I am an attractions castmember at disneyland I am going to give you an update on BTMRR. Opening date is still officially set for Feb as a worst case scenario. But we are shooting for December intime or the holiday season.

    As you may have seen in a new disney parks blog, the train is on the track now. The test and adjust team has been chosen and I am part of that test and just team. We are schedule to start test and adjust as early as next week. I am really excited for this. I will give you new updates when they arrive.

    if anyone has a question for an attractions cast member, feel free to message me. I work Indiana Jones, Thunder, Jungle, Disneyland Railroad

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    Re: Thunder Mountain Update

    we already have a thread on this

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    Re: Thunder Mountain Update

    Ohh a CM that can give us more info! Thanks for the update! I would caution you though to be careful what you reveal to us as it's been rumored that Disney does frequent this site. I wouldn't want you to lose your job over this Please share only what you can! Thanks again for the update!

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    Re: Thunder Mountain Update

    I'd love you forever if you told me there was even a slight chance of it opening in mid November. lol

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    Re: Thunder Mountain Update

    In six months it won't matter.

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