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OMG! I am SO COMPLETELY JEALOUS OF YOU!!! My BFFs and I have been obsessed with *NSYNC for the last 15 years! This fan girl would have died getting to be that close to Joey too!

Also, I MUST know where/how you obtained this shirt!!!!!! It is quite possible the BEST "parody"/"play on" shirt I have ever seen. My family loves "That Thing You Do!" and since that movie is older now a lot of people wouldn't "get it". I love insider references like that!

Awesome Trip Report! Keep 'em coming!
Is it weird that I get excited over people getting excited?? lol I'm glad you enjoyed the TR!!! Can't wait to do another one!!!!

ps: SO HAPPY you get the shirt!!! That Thing You Do! is one of my all time favorite movies ♥ I'll send message you a link on the shirt!