Hello all! I made a quick solo trip to Disneyland yesterday to check out some of the Halloween offerings. Here's my blog post about it!

It’s Halloween Time! (or Another Disneyland Outing) | Finding My Inner Bombshell

A quick note about GACs that I didn't include in the blog post (since sadly most of my readers aren't Disney fans like us). If you get a GAC, you can no longer get your GAC for more than one day. I asked since I will be back in the park this week, but they are only writing them out for a single day. This is because of the change coming up. I asked about the new system and all they could tell me at City Hall was as of right now, it should be starting on the 9th. They will have lots of people out at City Hall to explain the new system for the first week or so.

Hope you all enjoy my trip report!