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    What's new since Thanksgiving?

    We have not been to DL since last Thanksgiving and are going again this Thanksgiving and were wondering what is new since then? I haven't been keeping up on Micechat like I should be so thought I'd ask you experts what's new and not to be missed?

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    Re: What's new since Thanksgiving?

    The only two major new things are Mickey and the Magical Map and Princess Fantsey Faire. Indy does have new projection effects, as does HM

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    Re: What's new since Thanksgiving?

    If you're a coffee drinker, Starbucks has been added to the Market House.

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    Re: What's new since Thanksgiving?

    For more specifics about Princess Fantasy Faire:

    Yes, it does have a meet and greet with princesses. Usually, a separate visit with three different princesses. I only went once, but the ones that were available were: Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel. The queue is outside, some of which is covered, and the meet and greet is inside.

    AND it also placed two different shows in the former band/dance area. These shows are done in Renaissance Fest Style. The two different shows are telling the stories of Beauty and the Beast (with a Belle meet and greet immediately after, for the audience) and Tangled (with a Rapunzel and Flynn meet and greet after the show). Both shows are entertaining, and a nice unexpected addition. Take a look at the daily schedule to see which shows are offered and at what time.

    Some of the smaller features in Princesses Fantasy Faire area are:
    * sometimes Belle does roam around the area
    * take a look at the outdoor AA Figaro "watching over a bird in a cage"
    * Clopin's music box - try out the hand crank and see what other Disney characters make an appearance in the box!
    * A miniature version of Rapunzel's tower, which lights up occasionally at night (if the effect is working)
    * Take a look at the community bulletin board, which also has a wanted poster of Flynn Rider.
    * There is a small cart themed to Maurice (Belle's father) that does offer a couple snacks, and also a boysenberry beverage. (Even a Princess Goblet or a Gaston/Beast Mug is available. If you are there on a Saturday night, I highly recommend a trying the Cheeseburger Pie, offered at Maurice's - It's a great late night snack!

    Also to add more info on Mickey's Magical Map show, It's so nice to have the Fantasyland Theater used for it's original purpose, and the show is really well done, too! You've never seen King Louie like this before. DEFINITELY make plans to see this show during your trip!

    Other changes, you may have heard, DL plans are to close the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square. This area unfortunately might not be available to visit, when you visit at Thanksgiving.

    Also, not sure how much of DCA you explored last year, BUT if you haven't done so already, you may want to enjoy the Bell Ringers on Buena Vista Street, and Radiator Springs is decorated to the hilt in it's own unique Christmas styling! And even if you did see it before, it's probably worth at least a 2nd look, for all the details in the decorations around each of the building/shop in Town!

    Oh, and usually there is some sort of an update to the Disneyland Christmas Parade, whether it be a change out of an older float, or a change a in some of the costumes, or a few character changes to the parade. I haven't heard what might be different this year, perhaps someone else might know . . .
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    Re: What's new since Thanksgiving?

    Thank you so much! I can't wait to see both of these.

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    Re: What's new since Thanksgiving?

    There are also a few Marvel character meet'n'greets in Innoventions now - Iron Man Tech and (I believe it's opened...?) Thor.
    Woo! Spring is coming!

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