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    Mickey's Halloween Party - October 1st

    I attended Mickey's Halloween Party last Tuesday and it was a BLAST! I had never been to Mickey's Halloween Party before, and on this trip my parents were looking for a cheaper way to go to Disneyland with my daughter. My parents are both in their 70s so they weren't really into the rides and a whole day in the park would have been hard for this so this was the perfect way to go. My daughter ended up not wanting to dress up, so I was the only one dressed up and there way no way I was missing the chance to go to Disneyland dressed as Belle (in the blue dress. Screen accurate).

    We got to the park just before 3pm and the line to get in the gate was long so I'm glad we got there when we did. We got our wrist bands and our treat bags and then headed into the park. My daughter hadn't eaten yet so we stopped and got her a hot dog at Coke Corner (I think) and we had the pleasure of sitting right where the Ragtime piano is. This was the highlight for my mom. There was the piano player and a guest playing "It's A Small World", I leaned over and commented to my mom "The one not in the vest, he doesn't work for Disney." and she was stunned. Then a man with them issued the challenge to 2 other guys to duplicate what they had just seen and so the 2 guests performed "It's A Small World" ragtime style. It was incredibly impressive. Afterwards, we got to have a wonderful discussion with the man (who turned out to be their dad) about the guys and their history with loving the ragtime piano at Disney and their talents in music. It was a wonderful bit of magic! My dad and I also each got our photo taken with Mary Poppins. My dad was smitten! lol

    First we went through Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Next, we went to It's A Small World, this is my mom's favorite ride and I had the best time I have ever had on that ride. My daughter was excited, my mom was excited and we had a great time seeing It's A Small World through the eyes of a fascinated 6yr old seeing all of the great details. As great as it was, my dad and I put a veto on a re-ride. Then it was onto the tea cups and Mr Toad's Wild Ride which are always fun. My parents wanted to get some water so I pointed them to the beverage cart while we waited for Mr Toad, they ended up at Village Haus which was just closing so they gave my parents each a cup of water free! Great service! it was pretty speedy too because they met us before we got inside Toad hall.

    Jungle Cruise was next, where we had a wonderful skipper. I ride Jungle Cruise every time I go to Disneyland at least once, and while I love the script, I especially love when the skipper has his own routine and his own fun. He had some really great jokes of his own and he pointed us towards a very forgotten deer-like creature along the side of where the rhino gag is. "Don't look over there! Look left. I don't have a joke for this but in 50 years no one has ever noticed this guy." I know I hadn't.

    As we were passing Tarzan's treehouse my dad asked about Swiss Family Robinson and I made a comment that I was sad it was gone, when a CM chimed and showed me the branch/leaves that remained from the old attraction. Then we were off to Pirates of the Caribbean which was one of my daughter's favorites that she wanted to show them. On our way in, the CM outsidethe entrance commented "Belle, did you bring a book?" "I'm afraid I didn't." "Didn't you know it's a 15 minute boat ride?!" Of course we had a great time on pirates! Then we were hungry so we ate at River Belle Terrace just before closing.

    We made a not so quick restroom break and then got a family photo and individual picture for me with Aladdin and Jasmine. Afterwards, my daughter requested haunted mansion. I am SO in love with the ballroom scene this year, the entire thing is just outstanding! They've really done a great job this year, I know there were apparently only 13 new additions but it seems like so much more. I could re-ride Haunted Mansion over and over. mmm gingerbread.

    There was already a line for the trick or treat stations, so we decided to skip it. My daughter isn't big on candy and this was our only time to do Disneyland all together. On the way over to Tomorrowland, a CM in Adventureland yelled out "BELLE!" with arms outstretched, as we got closer he gave me a big Mickey hand high five! Once we rode Star Tours, which my dad really enjoyed. Then we did Buzz Lightyear at the request of Kaylee. I must say, seeing my parents in the photo is priceless, and out of all 4 of us, my 6 year old got the high score.

    My dad wanted to ride Matterhorn so we made our way over there while my mom sat on the bench. The lines during the party weren't long at all! Skipping all of the trick or treat lines were definitely the way to go, candy is great and all but the 10 minute wait times were the best. We all had a wonderful time even though Kaylee admitted that she closed her eyes the entire ride after her first encounter with Harold the Yeti. That said, she wanted to ride it again tomorrow "This time I'll probably keep my eyes open." she commented.

    My parents were pretty much done at that point, so we walked with them to Main Street where we found a place to wait for the parade and my parents left the park. I was actually a bit disappointed by the parade, I have heard so much and seen such outstanding photos of the parade at Walt Disney World that this parade seemed really cheesy. The only float was at the end and it was a recycled float from the 50th anniversary parade. Seeing characters and themed pumpkins was fun it's not the quality I expect from a Disney parade. That said, my daughter liked it and her favorite was seeing "23-19!"

    We ended our night with Tea Cups and Alice in Wonderland. My daughter is scared of fireworks so we skipped them and I was happy enough watching them from our hotel balcony. Overall, I would really recommend both dressing up and going to Mickey's Halloween Party. I wish I could have done a few more special Halloween things, but riding the rides as a family and enjoying the small crowds was definitely worth the price of admission for me. A MAJOR kudos to all of the Cast Members who made it a memorable night.

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party - October 1st

    What a wonderful trip report. It reminds us all of the actual intended purpose of Disneyland, a place where families can enjoy themselves together. This proves that Walt's magic still endures despite the best efforts of the suits. Walt was smiling when three generations of your family enjoyed IASW together. That was the plan and your family fulfilled it.
    Thank you for spending the time to share your experience.
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