View Poll Results: What is your least favorite land?

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  • Main Street USA

    1 0.82%
  • Tomorrowland

    37 30.33%
  • Adventureland

    1 0.82%
  • Frontierland

    5 4.10%
  • Fantasyland

    2 1.64%
  • New Orleans Square

    0 0%
  • Toontown

    61 50.00%
  • Critter Country

    11 9.02%
  • I don't have a least favorite

    10 8.20%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Re: What is your LEAST favorite land?

    I'm not surprised to see ToonTown leading the poll. It isn't fun for anyone over the age of five. The only upside to TT is Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
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    Re: What is your LEAST favorite land?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomorrowland_1967 View Post
    Everything Re: ToonTown
    I agree. ToonTown is pretty sad these days, but the only reason why I can't choose it is because its in honor of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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    Re: What is your LEAST favorite land?

    The attention to small details is fun in Toontown but the substance isn't there. If I skip Toontown, I don't feel like I have missed anything. The food is bad, the rides aren't very good. The photo ops are good and I like the atmosphere/look of the rides and land.

    Critter country is actually my runner up, only because there isn't enough to do there. Splash Mountain has a long line on many days, so I often skip it. Winnie the Pooh may have critics but I like it, I get great photos in the ride vehicle in the loading area. "Blustery day" is awesome on a hot day after splash mountain.

    Tomorrowland looks like a leader too, despite being terribly laid out and having 0 to do with Tomorrow, it has good rides. Every trip to Disneyland I ride all of the rides except for Astro Orbiter.

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    Re: What is your LEAST favorite land?

    Tomorrowland - it actually brings down my mood. It's crowded and outdated and just all around depressing to me. The theming needs a lot of help; IMO they should just shut it down, tear it up, and start over (well besides space mountian, but that's easy to move the crane around bahahaha).

    I do go over to Tomorrowland often to ride Space and sometimes Buzz, which is a lot more than I can say for Toontown. Toontown looks okay from what I remember/see from the train, there's just not much I'm too interested in over there.

    I like Pizza Port, although it's nothing special. I have nothing against MJ, but I find hearing the 80's "doo doo doo" music outside from Captian EO cheesy and annoying - it's in no way futuristic and reminds me of those darn silver space suits. Tomorrowland is supposed to actually be futuristic but seems more like a montage of things people back in the day thought were futuristic.

    At DCA my least favorite land is probably Bug's Land. That said I don't mind it at all, I actually like the theming and the watermelon smell from the Chew Chew Train lol, plus it's very nicely shaded and not crowded.

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