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Thread: disneyland food

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    Re: disneyland food

    When I go there are places I HAVE to eat ate. In Disneyland I have to get a hamburger on a pretzel bun at the Village Haus in Fantasyland. And I have to get popcorn while watching Fantasmic! In California Adventures I have to get a salad and pasta dish from Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta next to the Jumpin' Jellyfish ride and a roast beef sandwich from the Pacific Wharf Cafe. While watching World of Color I always get cotton candy. And of course, you need to invest in some churros. All in all you will spend less then $60 on all that.
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    Re: disneyland food

    Does anyone know if they are still serving that bbq pork shank? (it was over by the matterhorn) It looked pretty good and I was looking forward to trying it this Wednesday, but I didn't know if it was a limited thing or not!

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    Re: disneyland food

    Gumbo at Cafe Orleans is always a must for me.
    The Tesoro Island Chicken at Blue Bayou is amazing.
    The pork at Flo's.

    If you want recipes for food at Disneyland, stop by City Hall and ask. They actually have quite a few of the recipes in a binder and they will photocopy them for you. I have gotten the gumbo and both Monte Cristo recipes this way. There are quite a few available (not all), so go and check it out.

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