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Not hard to believe at all. As an intellectual property, STAR WARS and its clones have already proven themselves. Thirty-five years later and it is still very much a vital part of our popular culture. Outside of their existence in the theme parks as rides, was this ever the case with any of the original Disney properties?
If you're referring to the original "Fab 5", you only have to look at the impact that they've had on the culture. "Mickey Mousing" is not a complimentary phrase but it's now culturally accepted slang that has had a fairly stable and known definition for half a century or so. The original animated films *created* the animated feature film industry as it stands now and the technologies Walt created are both still in use for hand-drawn and are also frequently cited as the inspirations for several of the CGI tools used now.

Disney's animated films have for the most part held up as well. You can still count on fairly well received and attended "revival" performances when those are done, and Disney DVDs through a combination of the source material and the enforcement of "vault" standards are still big sellers when they are on the market.

Live action is the real weak spot in Disney IPs - POTC is really the only recent strong spot from inside the walls, but I'd also be willing to argue that live action has *ALWAYS* been a weak point in the Disney empire. For every "Mary Poppins" or "Black Pearl" there are a dozen "That Darned Teenage Dancing Cat Plays Football With Twins" or what have you.

But overall? I'd say Disney's internal properties have long had a strong impact culturally.