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    Re: 3rd Gate -- not for kiddies, too scary

    If the money was there permanent, year round haunts and thrills would already exist.

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    Re: 3rd Gate -- not for kiddies, too scary

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
    I think the issue is who would fund the hundreds of millions of dollars required to design, build and maintain a theme park land that would exclude a good percentage of its customer base.
    Niches can be enormous. Not every business venture needs to include the entire demographic spectrum. Stadiums filled with thousands, none of them families or kids, all gyrating to techno, rock or hip hop. I think there's a niche here that hasn't been explored fully is all. Maybe in Vegas?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
    Designed and built right, the hype could indeed be awesome. But the economics of a theme park venue (customers must repeatedly travel to it, it cannot be duplicated and mass distributed like a video) would seem prohibitive.

    Perhaps a venue that could be semi duplicated-and-distributed, like some advanced form of movie theater with motion FX, would be doable?

    Imagine a PG-13 theater experience in terror that combines Kubrick-level storytelling, Cameron-level visual tech, high frame rate non-glasses 3D, physical motion FX and 2nd-gen interactive tactile technology.

    Just make sure the seats are washable.

    It might be prohibitive, you're right. As for an immersive theater experience, yeah I think that would be great. Not the same as a ride, but definitely worth investing in.

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    Re: 3rd Gate -- not for kiddies, too scary

    Well, Disney gave up on their only PG-13 ride and closed it several years ago, so I doubt that they're in the market for that, but I could absolutely see Universal doing something like that. Haunts are big business. I don't know if it's true any more, but in the past Knott's supposedly made more money off of Halloween Haunt then they did the rest of the year combined. I do think that there is a place for that kind of park, especially since horror movies make so much money and those are year round. Unfortunately the year round haunt in Vegas just went out of business, and even though that was apparently due to truly horrific management (according to a friend of mine who works in the industry), I'm sure that will scare anyone else off from trying anything like that in the near future. But I suspect in the right location that already has a well-establised horror-related community it could be successful. San Francisco comes to mind, but getting the land might be prohibitavely expensive. New Orleans and Salem also come to mind, but weather might be a factor in both locations.
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    Re: 3rd Gate -- not for kiddies, too scary

    Quote Originally Posted by lazyboy97O View Post
    If the money was there permanent, year round haunts and thrills would already exist.
    Exactly. I'm not into horror stuff at all anytime, but it seems like even most people who are into it do all they need during the pre-Halloween time and then move on. As you said, if there were a market for it, the existing stuff would stay there all year.

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