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    I too tend to go during the "off season" but have experienced summer crowds just recently.

    Indy: 25 min (mainly just FP)
    Pirates: 25 min
    HM: 25 min
    HMH: N/A - I haven't been on it and Nightmare scares me
    Splash: 30 min (honestly, FP)
    Big Thunder: 25 min
    Peter Pan: 40 min
    Matterhorn: 15 min
    IASW: 20 min (longer if it isn't very sunny)
    Roger Rabbit: 5 min (or FP and go meet characters)
    Space Mountian: 40 min
    Star Tours: 10 min
    Buzz: N/A - based of WDW, FP only please.

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    Indy: 10 minutes (I may be one of the only people I know who doesn't like this ride)
    Pirates: 30 minutes
    HM: 30 minutes
    HMH: 35 minutes
    Splash: 40 minutes
    Big Thunder: 30 minutes
    Peter Pan: 25 minutes
    Matterhorn: 35 minutes
    IASW: 15 minutes
    Roger Rabbit: 20 minutes
    Space Mountain: 45 minutes
    Star Tours: 10 minutes
    Buzz: 25 minutes

    When we visit, it's usually off-season and mid-week, so I don't usually want to wait in line a long time, since we usually don't have to.

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    30 minutes or less for ANY of the rides. FP for those that have them.

    (We waited through a 120 minute line for PoC the first time we went to DL - NEVER again!)

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    If my kid wants to go on it, no limit.
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    Generally, I really want to go on a ride and will ride it no matter the time posted. Especially if it's a ride that's been added since the last time I was in the park and haven't seen before. Don't ask how long I waited to try Rocket Rods.

    However, if I actually bothered to time my wait times (I don't), this is about as long as I'd count before I'd get antsy:

    Indy: No Answer, never tried it.
    Pirates: 25 min
    HM: 15 min
    HMH: Haven't been in town when this was open, so as long as necessary
    Splash: Don't know, but however long it was when I tried it around 95-96.
    Big Thunder: 30 min, but the line is so dull!
    Peter Pan: 15 min, although I know this one always has quite a line
    Matterhorn: No Answer, never tried it
    IASW: Not Long! I try to actively avoid this punishment
    Roger Rabbit: 20 min (although the line when it was new was the second-longest line I've ever been in)
    Space Mountian: No Answer, never tried it
    Star Tours: No Answer, tried it once, never again
    Buzz: Haven't seen it, wait as long as necessary

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    30 minutes for everything. Nine times out of ten, if I enter a line that has a posted wait of 30 minutes or less, my wait time has been shorter than what is posted. Only exception would be the Matterhorn, where I just eye the line and decide whether to go on or not.

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    Indy: 45 mins
    Pirates:15 mins
    HM:20 mins
    HMH:20 mins
    Splash: 40 mins
    Big Thunder:30 mins
    Peter Pan: 15 mins
    Matterhorn:25 mins
    IASW: 15 mins
    Roger Rabbit:20 mins
    Space Mountian:45 mins
    Star Tours:15 mins
    Buzz:20 mins

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