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    More info on the anniversary weekend on april 8th - or not?


    just got this message from ChangeNotes:

    We ask that you please be patient with us, we are currently
    finalizing details on the Celebrating 50 Years of Magical
    Memories Event. We are confident that information will be posted
    on on or around April 8, 2005. We ask that
    you please check back at that time. Thank you for your continued
    support and interest.

    But when I check the site:

    It's already gone again. I did see the above text was put on this website, but when I looked again just now...I can't seem to find it anymore. Peculiar

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    I saw the same thing. I then went back later.. and it was there. I thought I was crazy at first but I guess I wasn't, lol. As of a few minutes ago it was up there...whether it is now or not, I don't know. Guess they can't make up their mind! Haha..

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    I'm already there!

    When I first signed on and went to the Disney Gallery the April 8th blurb was missing. Now it's there again. Who knows what is happening. I just know I plan to try to be a part of any special event the weekend of July 15-17 and will make my reservation as soon as possible. (As soon as they open it up)
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