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    How soon should I call hotel to verify our reservations?

    We will be there Sunday, Nov 3, and I always call ahead to make sure there are no glitches when we go to check in.

    I want to request a certain location and also a microwave. All rooms come with fridges but micro's sometimes have to be requested. I know with my requests come no guarantees.
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    Re: How soon should I call hotel to verify our reservations?

    They should send you a written confirmation letter within a week after making reservations. You could make a location request when you check in,they will know what`s available at that time,. You should also ask if there are any free upgrades available, doesn`t hurt to ask. We were upgraded from a standard room to a courtyard view, no extra change

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    Re: How soon should I call hotel to verify our reservations?

    Well, as far as your requests, they won't be able to tell you if they can accomodate you or not until you're standing in front of them ready to check in (in fact, most hotels don't even look at the requests ahead of time since your room number is not assigned until you check in). If you just want to confirm the reservation and note that your requests are on the booking, then I would think 72hrs would do it.
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