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I'd rather not say, because THOSE are the places that DL management begin to think are the ones that need to be removed from public access, or they completely take away the charm of the area. (Like the upstairs Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square, its outdoor courtyard area, or either of the other two courtyard areas in New Orleans Square. Or the wonder caverns/waterfall area of the Disneyland Hotel, Even the Country Bear Jamboree used to be a great place to hang out. And at WDW, it used to be The Adventurers Club.) No way I letting them know what other area to destroy next!
Or, maybe it's a good idea to let them know...

For example, I LOVE hanging out in Toontown. I spend all day there without spending a single dime on anything. And Innoventions! Man, what a great FREE attraction! I hang out at those two places all day and come home without having spent any money at all!!!