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    Re: A Monster Hit at DCA?

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterGracey
    Well, in all reality, Walt's "wheel" was flawed when Disneyland first opened. The lands were not all connected by little paths and openings like they are now - once you reached the end of a land, you had to trek all the way back through the land and get to the Hub in order to go to the next land.

    Critter Country, Mickey's Toon Town, and The Hollywood Pictures Backlot are no different than any other land at Disneyland when the park first opened. You have to go all the way to the back to see everything and then go all the way through it again to get out. Sure, it would be better if the Tower pathway connected to the Wharf or somewhere else, but unfortunately we have to wait until the DCA expansion occurs back there.

    I'm not saying that these lands don't have problems regarding traffic flow, cause they do - we're all lazy Americans, we don't want to walk all the way to the back of a land to wait in a line even if the attraction is great... We just don't. And surely thats something that ought to be addressed... but whatever...

    But what I'm getting at is don't be too quick to praise Walt's "wheel" design... cause initially it wasn't as ideal as it is now.
    Hm. MasterGracey basically wrote what I was going to write. :-)

    Couple of additional points though.
    * Walt definitely wanted a "spoke" design initially for DL (cleanliness of the
    * However, he realized that people would complain, so he created some areas
    of merging (ex. Frontierland and Adventureland) and alternate routes (walkways)
    thru the sides of the castle. But he was pretty adament about the hub and
    Main Street.
    * Eventually, he realized that the merge areas had potential in their own right.
    Classic example is NOS.

    So the wheel design in an evolution of the spoke one.

    Now, DCA has almost none of the major design points from DL. No hub or wheel
    or even real spokes. (It has a "hub" for HPB and two loops (PP, Grizzly Peaks))
    Also no real weenies for some of the lands. Actually, this whole issue is talked
    about in several other threads, so I'll stop here. :-)

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    Re: A Monster Hit at DCA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Chaney
    Vic and I rode Monsters, Inc. last Thursday. (We were there Tuesday, also, but the ride was down.) Wait was about 15 minutes. I liked it! It's no POTC, but it's a well thought out and entertaining dark ride with several really nice effects. I think a solid "D" ticket. At least a "C".

    Regarding theming: if Hollywood Backlot were to totally simulate a real studio backlot, it would be the most boring place in the entire resort. Making movies is not a very thrilling operation. Mostly a bunch of people standing around. Putting attractions based on movies in the backlot makes as much sense as anything.
    Well, with the long wait times, it actually is like a real backlot-a bunch of people just standing around.
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    Re: A Monster Hit at DCA?

    I went on this ride a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend and our 4 year old daughter. We didn't think it was that great, but our daughter liked it. When we first got there it was shut down, so we went on the Tower of Terror. We got right on. We went back over to Monsters Inc. and they were letting people in. We waited about 3 minutes for the ride. It was just o.k. Monters Inc. is one of my favorite movies, and I still didn't like it very much.

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