This is WDW specific but still pretty funny if you know your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality type. I'm an ENFP and it's pretty much spot on.

ENFP gets kicked out of the Magic Kingdom because kids kept mistaking them for a face character and it was causing a disturbance
ISTP ditches the group on the first day signs up for every backstage tour and animal encounter available
ESFJ offers to hold the Dole Whips while everyone else rides Pirates
ISFP skips the rides and instead hits up every musical revue- Beauty and the Beast twice!
ESTP somehow lands a job as a Cast Member even though they’ve literally spent the entire trip at the resort pool
INFJ makes friends with a special-needs child and hangs out with them making sure they have the best day of their life
ESFP is the first person to join in at the Bhangra Dance Party and they are better than the actual dancers
INTJ rides The Land three times in order to give the Disney Imagineers the most accurate notes possible on the flaws in their hydroponic fertilization system
ENTP saves everyone during a flash storm by creating a shelter from discarded Mickey ice cream wrappers and parade stilts
INTP gets left behind at Spacship Earth and doesn’t realize it until two hours later
ENFJ spends the whole trip looking for confused foreign tourists and then assists them in their native language
INFP is found sitting at the Cinderlla fountain singing to themselves and drawing in their sketch book
ESTJ keeps track of the group’s meal plans and makes sure that everyone eats their entire entree and desert and gets the best value for their snack credits
ISTJ frets constantly about the 14 people to whom they promised souvenirs and they fact that they have no idea how to buy gifts for others
ENTJ heckles the Jungle Cruise guide until she cries then comes up with their own funnier puns
ISFJ offers to be the official photographer and take artsy candid photos of everyone else but then fills the memory card with off-center black-and-white photos of different angles of Cinderella’s castle.

found it on the Disney Young Professionals blog