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    Riding in the Lilly Belle

    Sorry, disregard. I found the original thread right after posting and can't figure out how to delete this one.

    Can it be done by your average joe? I read somewhere that if you ask right at park open (can't remember if it was at MSS or CH) they'll let you. Any truth to that?
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    Re: Riding in the Lilly Belle

    Yes, anyone can get on. The best bet is to go right when the parks open to Main Street Station and ask any of the friendly CMs to ride. They will ask you for how many people and give you time periods to pick from and issue you tickets right then and there (your whole party does not need to be present, so send them ahead to collect FP!).

    They will not run the Lilly Belle on rainy days (don't want to get anything wet/dirty) or really hot days (no ac or open windows), so check the weather before you go.

    Have fun, it's a blast!

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